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13 June 2021  -  Recording Sunday Morning Worship

led by Elspeth Smith

An Apology to our Viewers

This was the first service since the beginning of the Covid Lockdown where the congregation has been allowed to sing.  Unfortunately the notice given to the A/V team was not long enough for the additional microphones to be put in place to record the voices from the Congregation.  This will be corrected in time for the next recorded service.



Call to Worship

Praise: CH4 56

       "How good it is to thank you Lord"

Prayer of approach and Lord's Prayer


      Ezekiel 17: 22 - 24

      Mark 4: 26 - 34

Talk "From Small Beginnings"

Praise: CH4 543

      "Longing for light we wait in                    darkness"

Message from The Moderator and Prayer from Christian Aid

Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession

Praise: CH4 231

       "For the fruits of all creation"


Parting praise: CH4 786

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