Sunday Worship currently takes place fortnightly in

Auchtermuchty Church at 10.30am.

  Strathmiglo Church will be open for Private Prayer

on the first Wednesday each month

from 12 noon to 1pm. 

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Normal Routine”  When applicable…………

       Auchtermuchty Church     1st & 3rd Sundays/month

       Strathmiglo Church         2nd & 4th Sundays/month

       5-week months             Various worship styles and venues


Worship is always followed by a time of fellowship. Tea/coffee and biscuits are served and Fairtrade goods on sale.



Auchtermuchty Church offers a range of audio visual equipment providing excellent sound quality and PowerPoint enhancement during worship.

Strathmiglo Church benefits from an excellent sound system. 



Although Auchtermuchty Church has a stepped access, there is a very effective Stairmate Major Stair Climber for wheelchair users and for people who find stairs difficult. A wheelchair accessible toilet is available.                            

Strathmiglo Church has a ramped access making it accessible to wheelchair users.

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