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How to donate to Edenshead Parish Church

Donations comprise the majority of our income. This enables us to pay our way and maintain our buildings.   Any donation great or small is always very welcome.  

If you need any assistance with making a donation or any other Church matter please get in touch either by using our Message box below or by calling:-

Liz Slattery Tel 07719 724730

We offer different ways of making donations - please choose the best one for you.


To donate using your card via PayPal  click on the donate button below 


Hand in your donation at a Sunday Service.

All are welcome to join in fellowship over Tea and Coffee after Worship.


Use the message box below for details of who to make the cheque payable to and where to send it 

 Edenshead Parish Church relies on people to share their time and talents

We are currently short of people who have even a passing knowledge of modern technology.

We use modern AV equipment in our services as well as producing videos of the events.  Any help would be most welcome.

We would also love to hear from those with organisational skills.

For more information please use this form:

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