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Gateside Church history

Edenshead Church was built in 1823 and was originally a United Secession Church. It is enclosed by a boundary wall on the east end of the village of Gateside, next to the main road.   It united with the Church of Scotland was was linked to the parish church at Strathmiglo.  A mansard roofed porch is entered through a square headed door in its southern elevation. It has three square headed openings in its eastern face. The church closed as a place of worship in 2007 and it is not known if the interior will be stripped of its furnishings and fittings.   

Description (exterior)

The building consists of a gable ended main cell of squared sandstone rubble and droved dressings with a porch and session room to the east. It is roofed in Scottish slate.

The gabled eastern face has two blocked square headed windows above the mansard roofed porch and session room. It is crowned by a birdcage bellcote.    The south elevation is pierced by three square headed windows, the eastern and western being glazed with geometric coloured glass which is beginning to deform in places. The central window has figurative stained glass which is commemorative. To the west of this is a lean-to extension of roughly coursed sandstone which is entered through a square headed door in its eastern face. To the east of the windows the location of a noticeboard, which recently fell from the wall, is marked by four fasteners and two conical chimneys on the roofline.   There are two semi circular headed windows in the western elevation, both of which are glazed with figurative stained glass. The windows are splayed and may predate those in the southern face
The north elevation has three deeply splayed square headed windows, sited lower down in the wall than those of the southern elevation and they have coloured geometric glass.


Description (interior)

Prior to 2007, the interior of the church was plastered and carpeted.   The pews appeared to be Victorian. To the west, between two commemorative stained glass windows was a raised pulpit, enclosed by wooden rails.   In front of the rails there was a table and a reading desk. To the north of the railed pulpit was a boxed pew and to the south a piano and wooden chest. There is a prayer board between the two windows which are themselves flanked by two memorial plaques.  Stained glass windows commemorate the fallen of the first World War and other persons associated with the church.

Edenshead Church in Gateside was closed in 2007 

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